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Washington DC: , Cherokee Government Applications (CGA) LLC, a Native American owned Oklahoma based Federal contractor has initiated a disruptive method of stopping the spread of the Covid-19 virus via Drone. The team includes Jan-Pro DC a detox powerhouse  and HSE-UAV, the best in AG drones from FL. 

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Federal agencies like FEMA hopefully will be utilizing this new capability to disinfect large areas from 20 to 30 acres under one hour. Fry says ‘Not only do our drones operate outdoors, we can fly inside of large buildings utilizing our own gps system that is extremely accurate. If you can imagine a mini crop-duster, with the ability to avoid any obstruction using its own front and rear radar system, flying about 15 feet off the ground at 2cm accuracy, it’s truly a remarkable feat. It is time to see drone capability be utilized in a life saving capacity. These machines are no joke they can get the job done.

The sterilization chemicals used are nontoxic but kill the Covid-19 virus. It is 99.59% water. The active ingredients are Chlorine Dioxide (stabilized), Dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride and Ethylbenzy Ammonium chloride. There are no spill dangers, it just evaporates. 

Every precaution has been considered from an EPA perspective. Safety is a number 1 priority. We know we will have to utilize some backdoor waiver policies, however, considering the imminent danger of the Covid-19 Virus, I believe it can happen. All state and Federal agencies, are welcome to call us for quick quotes. This capability is in use in France, Belgium, Germany and China with good results in keeping the virus secluded and in check. We look forward to our next assignment. 

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All data is informational only. We are not currently flying any drones. We are waiting on EPA, FEMA and FAA for further instructions.

Please Support Us

Please Support Us

Your contribution will enable us to support spray infected areas with Covid-19 killing disinfectants which will enable more control of the toxicity of Covid-19